One Way Trip

Cris A. Santos
Booktango (2015)
ISBN 9781468964271
Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (10/15)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘One Way Trip,’ A Novel by Cris A. Santos on Blogcritics.

“One Way Trip” by Cris A. Santos is a story about a young girl, Patricia, who has a troubled childhood, and moves into young adulthood following in her mother’s footsteps. It is the journey of a young woman, yearning to help a young man find his way as he is faced with a tragedy in his life. She is desperate to help him, and will do anything to ease his pain. She feels helpless as he makes poor choices in his life. It is a heart breaking as well as heartwarming story of friendship and love.

The storyline of the book is compelling, and moves the reader to continue reading to find out what happens next. Patricia is obviously a compassionate young woman, and eager to help her friend Richard rise above his struggles to find happiness and contentment.  Richard’s choices persist in leading him down a dark path, while Patricia is constantly trying to find ways to save him from himself.  Patricia can only spend a little time with Richard because she lives out of state, and only comes to visit during holidays. They go long periods of time without seeing or talking to one another.

While this storyline is interesting to read, there isn’t a lot of character development, which leaves the reader craving a deeper connection to the characters. More creative imagery to develop the setting and backdrop would benefit the reader connection as well. Tightening up the story to minimize the feeling of jumping from one scene to the next without much transition would be a great benefit.  There are also a number of grammatical and punctuation errors that need to be addressed.  All of these issues are easy to fix with a solid editing job and could take the book to the next level.

Overall, I think “One Way Trip” by Cris A. Santos has good potential.  Inspired by true events, the story has a good moral to it, and many people would benefit from the message in this book.

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