The Complete Coconut Cookbook: 200 Gluten-Free, Grain-Free and Nut-Free Vegan Recipes Using Coconut Flour, Oil, Sugar and More

Camilla V. Saulsbury
Robert Rose, Inc.   
ISBN 9780778804888
Reviewed by  Tammy Petty Conrad for Reader Views (11/14)


I have none of the dietary requirements listed on the cover of “The Complete Coconut Cookbook” by Camilla V. Saulsbury, but I love coconut, so this cookbook was meant for me. I love the introduction with its in-depth discussion of the health benefits of coconut and the different types of oils. The author even shares ways to use coconut oil topically. Who knew if you ran out of deodorant, coconut oil could do the trick? Other helpful information includes how to interpret organic labels.

I couldn’t wait to leaf through the recipes and decide which one I wanted to try first. I was first attracted to the glossy pictures, but then the recipe titles whetted my appetite. My options ran from breakfast to dinner and even included dessert and drinks. Each recipe includes additional information: a helpful tip, often a variation, and always a power ingredient explanation. The power ingredient is what contains the most nutrition or has the biggest punch in the recipe, probably the one not to leave out!

There were at least a dozen recipes I wanted to try right away. As usually happens at my house, one evening I was starving with an almost empty pantry and I pulled out this book to try something new. Spiced Tomato Coconut Soup with Quick Sautéed Kale and Coconut Flax Tortillas was my menu and I wasn’t disappointed.

The soup was easy to make and lightly spiced with cayenne pepper. The coconut milk did not over power the tomato. The kale was tasty with a light vinegar toss at the end. Being from Texas the tortilla recipe intrigued me. With only 4 ingredients, it couldn’t have been easier to mix together. I didn’t end up with anything resembling the tortilla I grew up with, instead it was much thicker. But it had the most nutty, interesting flavor after it was cooked in the skillet. I couldn’t stop eating them. They were a perfect complement to the soup. I had found the perfect meal. Well almost. If I had made the Chocolate Avocado Cookies, it would have been perfect!

I recommend “The Complete Coconut Cookbook” by Camilla V. Saulsbury to all cooks. I appreciated that these were recipes I could easily make with the ingredients I had in my limited pantry. Of course a few included ingredients I will have to make an effort to look for, like coconut nectar, but if they are anything like the recipes I did make, it will be worth the effort. The author has over twenty cookbooks and writes a blog www.powerhungry.com. She has a recipe for homemade Larabars which I can’t wait to try. Based on her bio, she’s one busy lady. I hope that she continues to write cookbooks like this one with wonderful recipes you won’t want to miss.


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