Getting Hired: Handbook for College Graduates

Frances R. Schmidt
iUniverse (2012)
ISBN 9781450295314

Reviewed by Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson for Reader Views (8/12)

Article first published as Book Review: Getting Hired: Handbook for College Graduates by Frances R. Schmidt on Blogcritics.

Looking for a job is always hard work. Looking for your first job is downright scary, and even more so in the current economical situation. While college gives you many skills for the position you will eventually hold, in my experience it really does not prepare you for the process of looking for that position, and successfully applying for it.  “Getting Hired: Handbook for College Graduates” by Frances R. Schmidt is a great and very relevant resource for all of those young people who are new to the process of searching for a job. 

It starts from the very basics of searching for a job, providing an excellent overview of tools and techniques to employ in such a search, and it even does not forget to explain that any job search is stressful. It covers everything from networking and job search process to practical tips on how to market oneself well, how to write a proper résumé, what exactly is a CV and how it differs from résumé, how to put together a really eye-catching cover letter, and last but certainly not least, any and everything related to interviews. Each chapter abounds with practical advice and exercises that will greatly clarify anything the college graduate might still be unsure about.

I was very impressed by the way the topics were covered in this handbook, and even more so with how very contemporary and relevant the approach used in this handbook was. If you want to see a really good example of this, you could simply check out the section dealing with one’s web presence and how to avoid pitfalls connected to that. 

“Getting Hired: Handbook for College Graduates” by Frances R. Schmidt is a book I would recommend to anybody fresh out of college, or simply anybody who is new to the job market. While the search for the right position will certainly still be stressful, armed with this resource one would be well prepared for what lies ahead.

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