EMMA: Emergent Movement of Militant Anarchists

Michael Segedy
CreateSpace (2013)
ISBN 9781482576344
Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (12/13)


Michael Segedy’s novel “EMMA: Emergent Movement of Militant Anarchists,” seems to have a political motivation mixed with computer-age intrigue and socialistic thought-provoking drama.

The author has done a very good job of researching the plot and adding credibility to the characters and situations. With the modern cyber threats that exist today, the author gets you thinking out of the box and beyond the confines of its cover. With dramatic moments mixed with current events, Mr. Segedy has portrayed his characters in such a realistic manner; they almost jump off the page. The author takes these characters much further than just the superficial introductions; he takes you deeper into their backgrounds by branching off the main line and taking a tributary to give his character more depth.

The drama that takes place in the book is both surreal and realistic with cyber attacks and hacking and the real world dangers that exist in these modern times. The industrialists and corporate fat cats will be brought to their knees and the twist and turns that the book takes will keep you on edge from one page to the next. With it’s intertwining with current events and the complex and interesting characters, “EMMA” is a very interesting read.

I enjoyed “EMMA: Emergent Movement of Militant Anarchists” by Michael Segedy and would recommend it to everyone that enjoys a good fiction novel that closely parallels the real world and the events that are currently of much concern. I gave it a B on my rating scale because in my opinion I think that this book is a great value for the money. It will keep you entertained for hours on end. I thought this novel was an interesting read and I enjoyed it. 

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