Sighing Woman Tea

Mark Daniel Seiler
XlIBRIS (2015)
ISBN 9781503525757
Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (9/15)

“Sighing Woman Tea” by Mark Daniel Seiler is full of interesting side stories, and history. It is a novel about a man, Thomas Burke, who returns to his home land of Green Island to help the islanders protect their tea supply. He experiences many different adventures in which he must use his expansive skills to come out victorious.

 I have to admit that while I enjoyed the history shared in this novel, I was lost for most of the story. Each chapter jumps around quite a bit from the previous one, particularly early in the book, and I had a hard time following the characters. I had to repeatedly look back in the book to figure out who was who. When I was able to follow along, I really enjoyed the storyline. I recommend this book for people who enjoy complex storylines. I think the author writes beautifully, and has an extensive vocabulary that many readers will appreciate.  However, it is not an easy read and it should be taken slowly to savor it.

“Sighing Woman Tea” by Mark Daniel Seiler, although a little too complex for me, is a well written novel for readers who love history and are not looking for an easy and quick read. Filled with colorful characters and side stories it will be fully appreciated as a beautiful literary piece by avid readers.






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