Fishing For Light

Nathaniel Sewell
Bobby’s Socks Publishing (2013)
ISBN 9780615860497

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (8/13)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Fishing For Light’ by Nathaniel Sewell on Blogcritics. 

What do the IRS, Nashville, the Hope Diamond, and a young man named Jim Bob all have in common? Well for starters, they all play a role in this satire named, “Fishing for Light,” by Nathaniel Sewell.  In 1953, scientist Professor Quan created what he hoped was the perfect being. Using matter from the stars he sought perfection in his creation, named Ms. Prosperina.  As time passed, he realized that while she was powerful, she was far from perfect. Through her imperfections, she actually presented a great danger to humankind.

In 1990, Edward Tiberius Wilcox drew his first breath.  Determining his birth to be in perfect timing with what was happening in the stars, Professor Quan decided that Eddie was to play a role in helping to save mankind from Ms. Prosperina. Using the science of epigenetics, Professor Quan exposed Eddie to some material that was to help alter his future. Unfortunately, while Eddie is a nice young man, he doesn’t appear to be too special. In spite of being somewhat of an idiot, his best friend Jim Bob actually appears more adept at hatching grandiose schemes for great wealth. It is one of Jim Bob’s schemes that land him in trouble with the IRS.

As time passes, Dr. Quan’s genetic experiments have continued. Ms. Prosperina continues to grow stronger and more dangerous. Deciding that he must enlist Eddie’s help to defeat her, he creates a plan that involves offering Eddie great sums of money to bring him into the picture. Ms. Prosperina does not see him as a threat. Perhaps this will finally be her downfall.

“Fishing for Light” by Nathaniel Sewell tells an incredibly entertaining tale that is full of quirky characters and grandiose schemes. I totally enjoyed immersing myself in this satire.  Unfortunately, there are a large number of grammatical errors that detract from the flow of the story. Professional editing would definitely be recommended. In spite of this, I feel that readers will really enjoy this unique story.

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