Brendan Shannon
Lincolnshire Press (2012)
ISBN 9780615650579
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (11/12)

In “Unrequited,” author Brendan Shannon takes readers on a journey in the life of John Moran. The descriptive details of his characters make one believe they are there with the characters and each reader can relate to some of the feelings and behaviors exhibited.

John Moran was a child who had trouble from the start with his cold, negative mother to having learning problems in school. Several times he was held back in school and eventually they passed him onto other grades even though he couldn’t read well or do any of the basic studies.

Throughout his life John had it hard and took measures in his life to make it even harder. Alcohol, drugs, loss of jobs and a basic negative attitude is all he had. He didn’t understand why women did not love him or even how to attract women who would be interested. John was more interested in being a bad ass boy and man in an effort to make up for his incompetency. John is a character that you feel sorry for while learning to hate his behaviors, including how he treats others.

Brendan Shannon writes in a way that one cannot put the book down, as each time you do you wonder what happens next. There is plenty of action in “Unrequited” but not so much you are overwhelmed. It is fast-paced and exciting.

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