The 3rd Option

Ben A. Sharpton
Belle Isle Books (2013)
ISBN 9780985935849

Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views (8/13)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘The 3rd Option’ by Ben A. Sharpton on Blogcritics.

When I began reading “The 3rd Option” by Ben A. Sharpton, I really wasn’t sure how the story would unfold to reveal exactly what the 3rd Option was. Right off the bat, the book is full of attention-getting activity and it didn’t stop until it was over. Sharpton has written a no-nonsense book and takes no time jumping into the story. It was all written at a pace that I found out what I needed to know when I needed to know it.

“The 3rd Option” is Allan’s story of finding the truth - finding the truth about his old friend that dies in the explosion and his think tank business, Inc.Ubator, before it is too late. The story begins with Allan Chappel, a former seminary student. He is on his way to an interview at the Inc.Ubator. As Allan proceeds to the building for his interview, the building is bombed. All the sudden Allan is the prime suspect in the bombing and has to go on the run. Allan has to fight to prove his innocence.

Since the main character, Allan, had high hopes in being a minister, the story does have notes of religion and politics. Not so much as a focus of which side to choose, but to give the reader an idea on how the characters’ minds work. I found the religious parts of the book to be in flashback dialog with old college friends and the politics inserted as information that directly relates to the plot.

I have to say that the book took no time to read. I read it in two sittings literally stopping at chapter 10 in the first sitting. In the first chapter I met Allan and bam, the explosion, bam, right along to the thrilling ride of Allan on the run. EXCELLENT flow!

I was extremely glad to have taken this book for review because I don’t think I have read a mystery novel yet that has been so clear cut, leaving behind all that extra that one may find unnecessary. Kudos to Sharpton! I really, really hope he has another book in the works. Not only do I highly recommend “The 3rd Option” by Ben A. Sharpton, but I would buy it for all my mystery-loving friends.

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