Still Standing After All the Tears

Valerie Silveira
Rockin’ Redhead Group (2015)
ISBN 9780986110405
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/15)

“Still Standing After All the Tears” by Valerie Silveira was written to help empower readers to battle their “Beasts.” A beast is an aspect of something that occurs in our lives that leaves us feeling trapped and defeated. Beasts keep us stuck in the past and make it hard to move forward into the future. In many cases, a beast is created by an addict that is in our lives. In the author’s case, it was her daughter. Her daughter was a teen when her addictions began. Not only did she have to deal with her daughter being shot by an ex-boyfriend at 18 years of age, she also had to spend a decade watching her addiction spiral into heroin.

Silveira found herself battling a codependent enabler beast that she created in hopes of being able to help her daughter. As she progressed along this path, not only was her life put on hold, but it also affected the lives of her husband and son. Allowing her beast to control her life helped no one because her daughter continued to be an addict. Watching her daughter struggle to escape her addiction beast was heart wrenching, yet in the end Silveira realized that she had to battle her own beast so that she could move on with her life. While Silveira processed her own recovery, she developed a plan called, “Nine Actions to Battle Your Beast.” This plan will help guide any person who is dealing with addictive behavior and give them tools to get unstuck.

“Still Standing After All the Tears” by Valerie Silveira is written in such a way, that the reader will feel that they personally know the author by the time they are finished reading the book. As Silveira enlightens us on how to battle our own addictive behaviors, she also takes us into her world and shares the torment that she went through to get to the point where she knew she had to move on. The steps are very straightforward; it is the work that the reader will have to put into them that will be a bit more difficult, because it involves taking a hard look at yourself and acknowledging the areas of your life that need work. “Still Standing After All the Tears” is a wonderful tool to help empower you to recover from codependency or addiction so that you can move forward.

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