Struggle to the Top of the Mountain

Ernest D. Simela, M.D.
AuthorHouse (2014)
ISBN 9781491859087
Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (3/14)

Article first published a sBook Review: ‘Struggle to the Top of the Mountain’ by Dr. Ernest D. Simela on Blogcritics.

“Struggle to the Top of the Mountain” by Dr. Ernest D. Simela is an incredible story of determination and hard work to achieve a lifelong dream.  It was fascinating to learn about the humble way of life for Africans in Zimbabwe and the surrounding countries.  Dr. Simela shares openly about the struggles and triumphs of his journey to become a doctor, an accomplishment few from his country would ever even dream of completing. 

As a former teacher, learning about the conditions for education in Southern Africa during the mid-20th century was an eye opener. The children had very few materials available to gain knowledge, and often the teachers had a meager education as well. They worked hard during the day because books were rare, as were the slates to write upon, and they could not take anything home to study. When then they weren’t in school, the children worked in the fields to help support their families. There was little time for leisure and play, but never does Dr. Simela complain about his upbringing. Rather, he shows a deep appreciation for what he is given and the opportunities he receives. 

I am in awe of the perseverance of Dr. Simela as he struggled with so many obstacles and challenges that would have most people giving up, including myself. This book is full of captivating stories of his experience from childhood to becoming a doctor. The author’s story is so inspiring for many reasons. Not only does he show dedication to accomplishing his dream and courage to face the challenges along his journey, he keeps perspective throughout the entire process, knowing that his family and his goals are of top priority. He helps others along the way and gratefully receives help in return, with humility and love for those around him. 

I highly recommend “Struggle to the Top of the Mountain” by Dr. Ernest D. Simela to anyone who is looking for a mood boost, or just wants to read an inspiring story of a man reaching his dream with hard work, determination and focus. Thank you for sharing your story through your words!

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