Transit Dreams

Antonio Simon, Jr.
Darkwater Syndicate (2014)
ISBN 9780991074518
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (02/15)

“Transit Dreams” by Antonio Simon, Jr. contains an intriguing collection of twenty-two short stories that were captured from the author’s vivid imagination.  Each tale is unique and written in its own style. The genres range from horror to comedy. Some of the horror stories are just a bit creepy, while others evoke a stronger reaction. I also found some of the tales humorous and very reflective of a snapshot taken from a typical day in someone’s life. An example of this is a story based upon a boy’s experience with a nun in a classroom.  It is fun to read about someone else’s observations of life, especially if it involves people watching, like one of the stories that takes place in a bar. Other stories reflect elements of fantasy, which also makes for a nice escape.

I enjoyed reading “Transit Dreams” by Antonio Simon, Jr. I feel that many readers, especially those who don’t have time to sit down and get lost in a large novel, will enjoy being able to take a break and read these tales. It is also a great read for someone who uses public transit to get to work. It will give them a chance to sit back and let their mind wander while someone else does the driving.

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