The Cost of Freedom

Michael Skeen
Outskirts Press (2014)
ISBN 9781478727507
Reviewed by Brent McLean for Reader Views (08/14)

“The Cost of Freedom” by Michael Skeen is a fast-paced read about a new conservative black President, TJ Samuels, taking office and having to deal with military and financial threats from terrorist and multiple countries and how he deals with each crisis. 

President Samuels has not even settled into the Oval Office, when a biological epidemic emerges as smallpox, which was re-introduced to the United States by illegal immigrants being used as agents by Middle Eastern terrorists. Samuels’ reaction to this new threat, as well as his interactions with Congress for support, sets the stage for each round of issues that rapidly impacts his administration.

Among the issues facing the new president are biological terrorism, China pushing the United States to default on a loan, Russia building nuclear facilities in Venezuela and arming them with nuclear missiles, along with a secret group of rich families all over the world, who are trying to influence the decision of the President so they can create a new world order.

The story is faced-paced, a lot of non-stop action (literarily) and is interesting to see how the decision making process changes as the pressure begins to build on the President. To be sure there is a lot to digest and it is hard to imagine a sitting President having to make one of these decisions, let alone all of these decisions in a six month period of time.

If you want to have a read into the perceived mindset of conspiracy theorists, conservatism versus liberalism, and how the military would react to a President who won’t back down to pressure (foreign and domestic), then this is the book for you.

Conservatives will love “The Cost of Freedom” by Michael Skeen and Liberals will love to hate it. For those with independent and moderate beliefs you will find something to like and will be glad this is fiction. Either way, understanding everything that takes place within six months of an active Presidency, you may want to find out what happens next. I am sure the next book will be just as entertaining.

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