The Keya Quests: The Curse of the Black Sword

Glenn Skinner
CreateSpace (2012)
ISBN 9781481220118

Reviewed by Tracey Rock for Reader Views (4/13)

In “The Keya Quests: The Curse of the Black Sword” by Glenn Skinner, the time for Keya to take her place as queen of Shivenridge is here.  The villagers want to see Keya step into the role that not only is her birthright; but, that she has rightfully earned.  For Keya, now is not the right time.  So much has happened to Keya in such a short period of time and in a few months, she will give birth to twins, and a new generation of morthos fairies will be upon Shivenridge.  Yet, as fortunate as Keya has been, her health has steadily been declining.  Crossing the portal to make regular visits to see Doc are now not enough and she must be hospitalized until her babies are born.

While everyone begins making plans for the arrival of Keya’s twins, Orren makes plans of his own.  The lunar moon is approaching and he knows this will be his chance to break the curse of the black sword.  He has spent twenty years trying to find a way to break the curse that bound tens of thousands of souls to the sword, including the soul of his wife.  He now knows what Keya would not tell him.  In order to break the curse, it will cost him his own life.

In a search for the dark secrets in the lost city, Neil Foster teams up with Cynog and Randar to not only destroy Keya when she is most vulnerable but to gain control of both worlds.

As Keya’s strength grows weaker, she knows she must try to find a way to save her unborn children and her father, keep the portals safe and protect herself before she loses everything.  Her companions are by her side, but could there be a spy in her inner circle trying to sabotage her?

“The Keya Quests: The Curse of the Black Sword” by Glenn Skinner is Book Four in the series.  Keya fans will enjoy reading this book.  Picking up seven months after the last book ended, all of the previous characters (and a few new ones) are there and very fun and comforting to read about.  The storyline gradually builds and then gets into a rhythmic pace for a nice smooth enjoyable read. You will find a few surprises and changes in a few of the characters’ personalities that are not so subtle.  The biggest change that I was pleasantly surprised to see was with Keya’s character.  Keya has changed and seems to be more mature and wiser.  I felt this is the book where Keya has truly turned into a heroine.  I liked that side of her and hopefully in future quests, the queen of Shivenridge will be even stronger. 

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