The Keya Quests: The Staff of Dionysia (Volume 3)

Glenn Skinner
Outskirts Press (2012)
ISBN 9781477498583
Reviewed by Tracey Rock for Reader Views (9/12) 
“The Keya Quests: The Staff of Dionysia” by Glenn Skinner is the third volume in “The Keya Quests” series.  As Queen Keya begins laying the foundations down for restoring the morthos fairy race, she never anticipated the new challenges and adventures that await her:
Two-thousand years ago, a gold-wing fairy named Queen Dionysia created a staff as a way to guard a powerful stone that resides inside it.  The stone possesses the same powerful magic that is found in the black sword that her father wields.  In the wrong hands, the stone can be very powerful.  High priestess Tanryth has hidden the staff in the Pennbrygg fortress and has guarded it with her life.  A powerful and evil wizard named Cynog has seized the fortress and is battling Tanryth to claim the stone.  Can Keya and her army get to the fortress before Cynog takes control?  Will Keya’s powers be enough to stop the wizard from laying claim to the stone?
Special Agent Martin Bernard has arrived in Orrendale to investigate the murder of one of Lord Foster’s bodyguards.  Since Keya is not present during the investigation, she has become the lead suspect in the murder investigation.  Can Orren and her friends keep her secret and still protect her from being charged with the crime? 
Someone from inside Keya’s circle is leaking secret information to her enemies.  This type of inside information can do more than harm, it could destroy her.  Only a fairy would know the type of details that could do this much harm.  All of the fairies have sworn their life to protect Keya, so who would want to betray Keya, and why?  
In his desperate attempts to destroy Keya, Lord Foster has learned the secret about Keya’s father and the curse of the sword.   Is this the key to destroying Keya once and for all?  
In this third installment of “The Keya Quests” series, “The Staff of Dionysia,” fate has set in motion a destiny that is beyond anyone’s control.  Can Keya help save the powerful forces that are trying to destroy both worlds while still saving herself from the evil destruction that awaits her?  
If you adored Keya in the first two books, with all of her quirky nuisances, you will find that she continues to reign supreme in this book.  Now queen of the fairies, Keya is ready to fulfill her destiny.  “The Staff of Dionysia” picks up right where the last book ended, but now, with an army behind her, Keya is even more powerful than ever.  Even seven-year old Jenny is stronger  than ever as she steps up to take on a more prominent role.  There are many new surprises in “The Keya Quests: The Staff of Dionysia,” as writer Glenn Skinner tries to expand Queen Keya’s quests and give her character more depth.  Knowing that this is the third book in the series, I was caught off guard by the amount of new quests Keya was tasked with as I was expecting some closure to some of the challenges she faced in the first two books.   Rest assured, Keya will continue on to save another day.  

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