A Baby to Die For

Mike Slosberg
Nightengale Press (2014)
ISBN 9781935993643
Reviewed by Ben Green for Reader Views (03/15)

“A Baby to Die For” by Mike Slosberg is designed to be a fast paced read. The chapters are short, the font is large, and the story is intense. Slosberg shifts view point throughout “A Baby to Die For” letting you get to know a lot of interesting characters. I like being able to see things from the multiple character perspective, and this also adds to the ever increasing pace of the book. The subject matter is excellent and raises awareness about real world black market adoption, while keeping you engrossed in the fictional story.

Mike Slosberg clearly has experience writing thrillers of this type, and while I haven't read any of his other works, I am now curious about them. The story has multiple perspectives and moves from couples who cannot conceive a child, to the lawyers who exploit their pain for profit. The book is a gritty look at the injustice in society, and what is possible for those willing and able to pay.  Many of the scenes in the book are graphic and the overall tone is dark. There are also some awesomely dark one liners such as:  “A human walking, well dressed popper-scooper upper, that's what he was.” As good as lines like this are, there were are few place where there writing is a bit tricky and I found myself rereading a paragraph just to make sure I understood what it correctly. Even so, it was well worth the extra clarification. The book is good and the overall ease of access made the few sticking points easy to handle.  The story is filled with twist and turns and you will never see the ending coming.

“A Baby to Die For” by Mike Slosberg is solid read, a full 417 pages of suspense. In spite of the previously mentioned occasional hiccup in writing, I really like Mike Slosberg’s writing style. His descriptions are excellent and really pull you into the story. The story itself is also well crafted and difficult to put down. If you like legal thrillers, mystery or suspense then you will like this book.

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