The Boogie Trapp

Kerry Copeland Smith
The Peppertree Press (2012)
ISBN 9781614931126


Reviewed by Leslie Granier for Reader Views (2/13)

Kerry “Boogie” Smith and Charles “Trapper” Trapp are 13-year-old boys growing up in rural Alabama in the 1940s. They are inseparable, even though they both insist they are not sure they even like each other. The boys are typical teenagers in that they are developing an interest in girls and participating in inappropriate activities such as drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. However, their adult behaviors are put to the test when they make a bad decision that has negative repercussions for the rest of their lives. After the incident, Boogie and Trapper make a pact that when either one of them dies, the other will write a book to let the world know what really happened on that fateful day. “The Boogie Trapp” by Kerry Copeland Smith is the book that resulted from that promise.

The book grabbed my attention at the start. I was eager to learn what had befallen the boys all those years ago. However, the overuse of profanity quickly turned me off. Also, the progress of the story was much too slow. It took the author too long to reveal the big secret. There were entirely too many details about insignificant things which made the plot seem monotonous at times. In fact, the vast majority of the story takes place over the course of a single day. While there is a fair amount of action, it does not jump off the pages. This compilation would probably have worked better as a movie where the viewer can see what is occurring instead of trying to visualize it based on words.

There are some positive aspects in regard to this book. The setting is realistic, capturing the essence of the time including racial segregation and bootlegging. I could easily picture the scenery based on the author’s vivid descriptions. It was also enlightening to experience the emotions of the characters. Their fears, joy, and expectations were expressed very well.

“The Boogie Trapp” by Kerry Copeland Smith is the first novel by author Harold W. Brewer (aka Kerry Copeland Smith). It is intended for an adult audience only due to graphic scenes, violence, and adult situations. The content will likely appeal more to males than females.

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