Alex Sochi
CreateSpace (2014)
ISBN:  9781499567755
Reviewed by Michel Violante for Reader Views (01/15)

Article first published as Book Review : ”Sweet Crude’ Odyssey,’ A Thriller by Alex Sochi on Blogcritics.

"‘Sweet Crude’ Odyssey” by Alex Sochi begins when Bruce is approached by an individual who calls himself Steve, while hanging out with his girlfriend at a bar in Bonny Island, Nigeria. Steve knew that Bruce Abel Telema had been fired from his job at an oil engineering firm, and tells him that if he kept on the drinking path he was going to burn out really fast, when there were many other opportunities waiting for him. Two days later, Bruce receives a package with a first class air fare ticket to London, a stay at the Hilton Heathrow, and an invitation to meet Steve and his associates.  Bruce accepts the invite, and during the meeting he learns that Steve and his associates need someone knowledgeable in the oil industry to supervise their oil deals in Nigeria, and they want to recruit him for the job. However, there is a catch - their oil dealings are illegal. The full operation is based on stealing the oil directly from the pipes located throughout the Nigerian Delta with help of the locals, and then selling the oil to the highest bidder. Steve and his associates are very convincing as they assure him that they take their business very seriously, showing him a folder with his all his family’s information. So for the next ten years, Bruce settles himself in the business and lives life in the fast lane enjoying his profits, until a huge deal shows up.  I guess you will have to read the book to learn what happens!

The plot is very interesting, and the author obviously did his research on the subject and the country, as I found myself immersed in the topic of the book from the start. His description of the place took me on a couch trip to Nigeria as I was able to picture perfectly the country and learn about its culture. The character development is impeccable and the dialogue not only felt genuine, but it also reflected the characters personalities. I guess that the only thing I would like to have seen is maybe a faster pace at the beginning, as it felt a little slower than what I am used to when it comes to thrillers.

“‘Sweet Crude’ Odyssey” by Alex Sochi is a well written book that will take readers on a trip to Nigeria, and for a ride on the illegal oil organized crime. An interesting plot that will for sure catch the attention of all interesting and unique plots seekers! “’Sweet Crude Odyssey’” is a four star must read in my book.


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