Trancer (eBook)

Darryl Sollerh
Del Oro Company (2013)

Reviewed by Michel Violante for Reader Views (5/13)

Article first published as eBook Review: Trancer – by Darryl Sollerh on Blogcritics. 

In “Trancer” by Darryl Sollerh, the CIA developed a system that makes people believe that they are from a different Nation by feeding their brains with cultural data from a different country such as the Taliban’s Afghanistan. They would pick ethnically appropriate soldiers to experiment with. These Guinea pigs would be activated as programmed infiltrators into enemy lines who could pose as real locals while their true identity remained dormant within themselves. When the CIA would feel there was danger lurking, they would take the programmed soldiers out of the area, take the information they gathered from them, and reset them back to their true identity. Problems start when there is a system failure at the same time that the intelligence suggests a big attack from the Taliban against the US is imminent. To make things worse, while one side of the Special Forces is trying to get the soldiers back, there is another side of the Special Forces, commanded by Jay Price, who intends to take more drastic measures unaware of the programmed soldiers’ existence.

The plot then focuses on the dilemma of these two opposites, and how Emily, the System Specialist, and Kraig, the Captain of the Special Forces in charge of the programmed soldiers, take it upon themselves to rescue the deployed programmed soldiers before Price goes through with his drastic orders.

I found the storyline idea very unique and intriguing, and Sollerh’s interesting dialogue made the story move fast keeping me turning the pages. The descriptions of Afghanistan and the daily situations felt real, allowing me to picture the setting as well as the lively action in my mind. Sollerh did an excellent job also with character development as their actions and reactions felt authentic and true with their roles in the story. “Trancer” by Darryl Sollerh is definitely a well-written book. Having said that, however, I did wish Sollerh had developed the plot more towards the System, as I found the whole premise very interesting.

I think that all readers will find “Trancer” by Darryl Sollerh a unique and current military adventure that will keep them turning the pages. I definitely could not put the book down and recommend this book to everyone looking for a great, fast-paced read!

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