Armor of Glass: A Novel

R.M.A. Spears
Author House (2014)
ISBN 9781491899663
Reviewed by Daryn Watson for Reader Views (2/15)

 R.M.A. Spears’ novel “Armor of Glass” is a first person story that follows “Brick,” a marine who leads a very troubled and dramatic life when he is away from his comfort zone, being deployed and serving his country.

 Tragically, his innocence is taken from him through numerous sexual assaults by his baseball coach. Brick keeps the incidents to himself but the emotional scars take their toll. He desperately wants to reveal this dark secret to his mother but he keeps it to himself.

 We see Brick making many impulsive and illogical choices in his life, from multiple marriages and even having an intensely emotional and physical affair with his high school dream girl, Cameo. Convinced his wife Selma is having an affair, Brick joins the ranks of the unfaithful, expending tremendous time and energy to carry on the affair, while keeping his romance a secret from his current wife.

 Eventually, like most love triangles, the truth is revealed and the fallout of Brick’s affair with Cameo ends with tremendous turmoil.  The turmoil not only affects Brick and Cameo, but has huge consequences for Brick’s and Cameo’s families as well.

 The author does a wonderful job enticing the reader into the drama and emotional turmoil that seems to follow Brick throughout his personal life.  I found myself hoping Brick and Cameo would make it as a couple despite their circumstances and unfulfilling marriages. We can see Brick struggling with trying to make the right decisions for his life but almost always making the unwise decisions.

 I would recommend “Armor of Glass” by R.M.A. Spears to anyone who wants to see the inside struggles of a war veteran who attempts to find his place in the world outside of the military. The author’s story of Brick’s need to find happiness and fulfillment in the civilian world is refreshing and very revealing to the reader.

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