The Diary

Edward E. Stambaugh II, Ph.D. and J. Conrad Stambaugh
Outskirts Press (2013) 
ISBN 9781478713036
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (07/14)

“The Diary” by Edward E. Stambaugh, II and J. Conrad Stambaugh begins when psychotherapist Nate Forrester becomes burned out with his profession and he switches to Archaeology. While on a dig he finds a secret diary written by Jesus of Nazareth. Keeping this find a secret, he scans the scrolls into a device that allows him to read the writings as he needs them. As time passes, the scrolls offer wisdom reflective of what is currently happening. Right minded people and left minded people are being divided.  Those with right dominant brains are predatory and seek to find enjoyment by conquering others. Left dominant brained individuals are seen as weak and easy to control.  When Cabot, a wealthy left brained individual, begins culling and separating the right brained individuals from the population, the left dominant people lose their control over these individuals and find themselves going after their own kind.

Cabot also kidnaps Forrester with the hopes of acquiring research that he had been working on for years. Forrester is placed on a ship with a close colleague.  If Forrester does not comply with Cabot’s demands, his friend will be murdered.  While all this is taking place, the Earth and the ship become under attack by an alien race. Cabot tries to do everything he can to defeat these creatures. Technological advances are rapidly occurring in the desperate hope that the planet and the ship can be saved. Meanwhile, just in case, Cabot is also building an ark in which he can plan an escape for himself, a large number of meek individuals, and a vast amount of resources from Earth.  

As the alien attacks continue, Forrester continues to read the writings of the diarist. The deeper he goes into the work, the more apparent it becomes that the author was an extremely special individual.  He also discovers that the diarist is still present and influencing those who see him.  Forrester, a right minded individual, realizes that peace and happiness do not come from conquering others, but having opportunities to seek out deeper meanings in life.  The right and left minded individuals separate so that each can fulfill the destinies for which they were created.

I found “The Diary” by Edward E. Stambaugh, II and J. Conrad Stambaugh to be extremely complex and thought provoking. It is a huge text with small print, so you should not plan on it being a fast read. I enjoyed the way that the plot was arranged because the people in it are very reflective of individuals in our reality where being meek is not viewed as character strength but rather a weakness. As the story progresses, my perceptions of the meek are changed. I highly recommend this novel for individuals who enjoy a science fiction novel in which they can fully immerse themselves.

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