The Label Maker

MacKenzie Stilton
Ripple Books (2012)
ISBN 9783981458558

Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (1/13)

Article first published as Book Review: The Label Maker by MacKenzie Stilton on Blogcritics.

“The Label Maker” by MacKenzie Stilton introduces readers to Jonah Solitus, Joe, a product of the technology age. He was always connected and just cruised through life with his laptop and cell phone. His technical gadgets were his connection with the outside world. He works, dates, meets friends, talks to his cat and surfs the internet. He has such a void in his life there is no inspiration for a higher meaning, or to find his place in the world. Joe was always surrounded by people and technology gave him satisfaction for a while. But that satisfaction did not fill the void; that satisfaction left him hollow and left him searching for more.

So with the help of some friends, Joe manages to leave the comfort of his techno gadgets and attend a tech-free resort. He takes a nice break away from his cell phone, TV, radio, internet and computer. He was going totally on a no-digital device vacation. After this life-changing experience Joe starts a movement that goes viral online. He follows a doctrine of simplicity.  He wants to reduce his dependence on technology and get control of his life. Next thing he knows is that he is not the only one who wants this, his idea of less technology catches on and quickly goes mainstream. The words of wisdom Joe’s father used to relate to him become the words of wisdom for his generation.

“The Label Maker” by MacKenzie Stilton was an interesting 423-page volume that was not too easy to read. I gave it a high C on my scale because of the smaller print, some boring dialog exchanges and it seemed to lack excitement. Because of the language, I don’t recommend it for younger readers. It is an adult novel and should be marketed to adult readers.

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