The Isolated

Ellen Stokes
Brookbriar (2012)
ISBN 9780988565203

Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (12/12)

“The Isolated” by Ellen Stokes is the story of a girl called Gray. When Gray was just an infant she and her mother were banned to Griseus by her uncle after he killed his brother. For seventeen years Gray spent each day in isolation, never meeting with any individuals other than those who were exiled with her. She never had been in any towns, or experienced the taste of foods except for the meager meals she was given.

As many armies were fighting during that time for control, a strange and mysterious soldier came to take Gray away to safety. Her other friends were told to leave for their own safety. So Gray’s adventure begins. She has no idea what is going on and why she was taken away, nor did she know about the whereabouts of her friends.

Ms. Stokes does an exceptional job of describing her characters and showing the emotions that each are going through. You can feel the pain and happiness in each event.

The beginning of the book was a bit overwhelming due to the nature of describing all the characters. However, as we journeyed through Gray’s adventure it became easier to separate each character. One of the things I found most enjoyable about this book was that it was written in the first person, through the eyes of Gray.

Once this reader started getting into “The Isolated” by Ellen Stokes, it was hard to put it down. Ms. Stokes writing is very powerful and can be related to many issues in today’s world.

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