Redwine Hill: The Secrets at Primevil Asylum

L.L. Stolmeier
CreateSpace (2012)
ISBN 9781477679883

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (9/12)

Article first published as Book Review: Redwine Hill: The Secrets at Primevil Asylum by L.L. Stolmeier on Blogcritics.

In “Redwine Hill: The Secrets at Primevel Asylum” by L.L. Stomeier, something strange is happening to teens all over the world.  As soon as they turn sixteen, they go mad. For some the madness isn’t as bad as for others.  Charlotte Carrion is one of the ones like this.  No matter what level of madness a teen experiences, Collectors hunt them down and put them in asylums.  Charlotte, an orphan with no one to look out for her, ends up being placed in Primeval, which happens to be one of the worst asylums on Redwine Hill.  While she makes a few friends, she finds that there aren’t too many people that she can trust.  When Serenity, who is one of her friends, disappears and Charlotte finds her arm washed up on the beach, she starts to suspect foul play is involved with causing the teens to go insane.

Relying on her crush, Jared, and a couple of new friends, Charlotte begins an investigation seeking to find out whom or what is causing the insanity, and the answer to why teens are disappearing from the asylum.  Noting that the meat in the asylum food is disgusting and the source of it is questionable, Charlotte starts discovering the horrifying truth.  She also knows that her own life is in danger, and the further involved she gets, the more attention she draws upon herself.  Wanda, a gruesome ghost who once resembled Charlotte, also gets involved. Seeking revenge against the person who killed her, she is able to provide Charlotte with clues to help guide her and her friends in the right direction.  The right direction might also be the wrong one for this group if they want to survive.

“Redwine Hill: The Secrets at Primevel Asylum” by L.L. Stomeier was so gruesome, reading it made me feel like I was trapped in a nightmare.  Being one of the few people in an insane world would be very traumatizing and surreal.  For me, this is the fun part of reading a good horror novel.  I don’t have to live it! For others, there might be a few nightmares to contend with.  L.L. Stolmeier did an excellent job of creating a unique plot that I think will be enjoyed by both young adults and older adults like me.  I also think a lot of readers will avoid eating meat for awhile!

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