Surviving 26th Street 

Carol June Stover
Publish America (2013)
ISBN 9781630041021
Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views (10/13)

“Surviving 26th Street” by Carol June Stover is just an amazing book! I found it to be completely flawless. Flawless editing, flawless flow and absolutely perfect! Did I mention it was perfect?

The story is set in 1954 in a time where wives were to be submissive to their husbands and take care of home. Laura Justice is the wife of Winton and mother of Jane and Denton. Laura is a smart woman who refused to date Winton back in their high-school days. She thought he was just over the top with his arrogance. Later on down the road, when they were all grown up, they ended up getting married. Just before her wedding she got an unwelcoming taste of exactly who she was marrying and kept going anyway. The details of this part of the story are told as flashbacks, giving much more insight to this couple.

Winton happens to be that entrepreneurial guy who takes such risks it puts his family in jeopardy, in more ways than one. Jane is nine-years-old and super witty for her age. No one can get anything past her. Jane takes care of her brother while her mom goes out to hopefully find a job since Winton has really done it this time, depleting the little savings they did have. Action was in her hands and she didn’t care what Winton says because he is the one to blame.

“Surviving 26th   Street” opens up with the thoughts of little Jane and her summer trying to figure out why her southern accent is such a big deal in New Jersey. Throughout the book, Jane proves to be a little detective, and very good at it too. Because she is so young, the adults don’t pay much attention when she gives information that will later prove to be very important.

Each character is well thought out. You will love the Justice family, well not Winton, and cheer them on as they get over life’s humps. I particularly loved this book because I consider myself a southern belle and I found myself actually reading in a very southern dialect. Once I started reading “Surviving 26th Street,” I really couldn’t put it down. I am really hoping that Carol June Stover writes more and I believe that any woman could really enjoy this tale.

If I could give “Surviving 26th Street” by Carol June Stover 10 bright, shiny stars I would. I highly recommend this title to every woman looking for a good chick-lit read; summer, winter, spring or fall!

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