Let Me Lead

Kathleen Sutton
Proving Press (2015)
ISBN 9781633370463
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (12/15)

“Let Me Lead” by Kathleen Sutton is the story of three people, Jared, Christine and Tracy, whose lives intertwine in a clever story about picking up the pieces, moving on, the purpose of life and the struggle for power, all in the pursuit of happiness.

Jared is a ballroom dance instructor who, after years of going down the wrong path, is ready to take a good look at his life and where it is going. The problem is he is starting to care for Christine, while being manipulated by Tracy. Christine is a middle-aged woman, suddenly all alone in life and struggling to start over, takes dance lessons for part of a charity event and finds herself caring more than she should for her dance instructor. Tracy is only concerned with Tracy. She is a self-absorbed, manipulative woman that will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. What Tracy wants is complete control over Jared, and she will stop at nothing to get Christine out of the picture.

I have to admit it – I first judged “Let Me Lead” by Kathleen Sutton by the cover! A sleek, black, sultry background and a subtle inference to a love triangle, wasall it took to make me want to dig in to the story. Then, when I opened it up and started reading, I could not stop. A powerful, passionate novel reads like a psychological thriller, and kept me on my toes during the entire story.

The development of the complex characters intensified the reading experience. The characters are genuine, if not eccentric, each in their own ways. Christine is the good girl, so good she is rather naïve when it comes to life and tends to manage things in her own OCD kind of way. Tracy is the definition of pure evil. I often felt torn between wanting to run and hide from her, to fascination, wondering what she was going to come up with next. Jared the consummate professional at the dance studio, yet so out of touch with reality in the other areas of his life, I actually wondered at times how he kept it all together. 

I highly recommend “Let Me Lead” by Kathleen Sutton. This first time author has a definite gift for storytelling and she is sure to draw a considerable following with this novel. I look forward to seeing more work from her in the future. 

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