The Church Door (eBook)

Bennie Swanepoel
Xlibris Corp (2013)
ISBN 9781479797400

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (5/13)

Article first published as eBook Review: The Church Door by Bennie Swanepoel on Blogcritics.

“The Church Door” by Bennie Swanepoel is a great story.  Struggling with the disappearance of her father that happened during a storm, two years prior, Mea Morretti is still haunted by dreams of what might have happened to him.  When she is injured in an accident and rescued by the wealthy Jonathan Clark of Clark Corp, her life appears to change for the better.  Deciding to leave the beautiful Positano, Italy on the Almafi coast to be with Jonathan in London, Mea hopes that her life will continue to improve. In addition to being the fiancée of this very successful man, Mea plans on expanding her business in London.  Sharing ownership of ZoMe fashions with her best friend Zoe Tomasi, both women are excited about the opportunity for their business to grow.

Unfortunately, shortly after Mea arrives in London, she sees a different side to her fiancé.  She also has to deal with his mother, who cannot stand her.  While she is trying to figure out why things have changed, she is approached by a man who can answer many of her questions, including what happened to her father.  This information does not bode well for her relationship with Jonathan.  While all of this is happening around Mea, people are being assassinated and kidnapped.  As the story expands connections are discovered. To Mea’s surprise some of these connections go back over twenty years.  Not only does she have to deal with the disappointment of the information revealed to her, she also has to struggle to survive.

“The Church Door” by Bennie Swanepoel is an incredibly well-written, suspenseful novel. In addition to the major plot, there are some very complex subplots built around it.  Each of these subplots reveals a complex connection that ties everything together.  I totally enjoyed being able to sit down and immerse myself in this story. I found it contained a great deal of components that make for a very interesting read. These include violence, fraud, drug smuggling, murder, theft, kidnapping, industrial espionage, counterfeiting, money laundering, and embezzlement. Combine this with some incredibly complex characters and you have a great story!

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