Desperate in DC

Phoebe Thompson & Crystal Walke
Desperate in DC (2014)
ISBN: 9780989853200
Reviewed by Reviewed by Janet Reeves for Reader Views (01/15)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Desperate in DC,’ A Comedy of Manners by Phoebe Thompson and Crystal Walkeron on Blogcritics. 


I really enjoyed “Desperate in DC” by Phoebe Thompson and Crystal Walker and found it to be pure entertainment! As I began to know these characters I looked forward to what was going to happen next. Phoebe Thompson and Crystal Walker are best friends who are quite funny as they text and email to share with each other the daily grind. Phoebe and Crystal are women, mothers, wives and best friends. They talk almost every day sharing the gossip as the daily events unfold in the infamous neighborhood “The Village,” in the capitol city, DC.

Phoebe is a stay at home mom who is forced back into the working world when her husband Brad loses his job and becomes “Mr. Mom.” Brad becomes famous in “The Village” for his pesto sauce, especially among the ladies. While Phoebe is at work competing for a position back in the broadcasting world with women almost half her age, she barely notices that the neighborhood home wrecker has her eyes on her husband. Things get heated in “The Village.” 

Crystal is a full time lawyer, married to George, and has a full time nanny at home with her kids. Crystal becomes a stay at home mom when life begins to cause trouble at her law firm. George is so busy at work trying to build relationships with new clients, as demanded by his firm, and travels so frequently that it becomes a problem on the home front.

The Village country club is so busy into everyone’s business that it takes quite some time for Pookie and Perky’s financial and marital secrets to become the talk of the neighborhood! Eventually all the club member’s secrets become disclosed through “MeBook,” The Village newsletter, and of course through gossip. The heat is once again making its way through the club, this time taking members down one by one.

Phoebe Thompson and Crystal Walker will make you laugh as you get into grind with them as the DC village and club members attempt to compete with each other, themselves and their neighbors. “Desperate in DC” is sure to take you out of your life and fully engage you into their neighbor’s lives, for entertainment purposes only, of course! Read it for the daily dirty details!!  


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