Arthur’s Legacy: The Children of Arthur – Book One

Tyler R. Tichelaar
Marquette Fiction (2014)
ISBN 9780979179082
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (11/14)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Arthur’s Legacy’ by Tyler Tichelaar on Blogcritics.

“Arthur’s Legacy” is the first book in “The Children of Arthur” by Tyler Tichelaar.  Tichelaar’s fascination with the Arthurian folklore, the magic of myth, and the “retelling” of the legend have spurred him on in the dream of recreating a story for a new generation of readers, introducing today’s advanced technology, romanticizing the possibility of dreaming (a kind of cellular memory) what had actually happened in the far distant past, traveling back in time and impacting history.

Devin Purcell and Adam Morgan were left in the care of their maternal grandfather in early childhood and grew up more like brothers than cousins. The book opens in the year 1994 as the boys graduate from college, getting ready to move forward in launching their futures. The sudden death of their grandfather changed the course of their lives forever; Adam traveled to England in search for his father and Devin postponed his plan to pursue graduate studies.

Tichelaar combines a keen creative imagination, unique writing skills, and a thorough knowledge of the background and detail of the historical significance, familiarity with the ancient manuscripts of the legends around King Arthur. He has also poured over the many contemporary fictional accounts in this effort. His goal in this series is to begin a renaissance of the Arthurian Age. Within his story line he introduces the writings and interpretation of highly recognized experts and their commentaries, speculations and interpretations of the myth and the possibility of a genuine human King Arthur in British ancient history. 

In his fictional account Arthur tells the story behind the legendary accounts of his death and what may have actually happened. Tichelaar weaves a tale of druids, witches, conspiracy, evil versus good, romance and action with all the elements of good story telling. Careful character development and engaging dialog help in creating a back story and natural flow, of an otherwise complex plot. Tichelaar’s focus on the psychological predicaments and connections between the past and present allow a matchless opportunity for building a new depth, and understanding of earlier fictional interpretations. That said, I was personally disappointed in the development of Devin’s character, especially after the mention of his childhood gift of premonition.  

“Arthur’s Legacy: The Children of Arthur Series - Book One” by Tyler Tichelaar will stimulate a revival of interest in fans of the legend and attract the attention of a new generation of fantasy readers.

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