The A-Men

John Trevillian
Troubador Publishing Ltd (2010)
ISBN 9781848763432

Reviewed by Tracey Rock for Reader Views (7/13)

“The A-Men” by John Trevillian takes place in the future on Earth. All resources on the planet have been depleted and most of the population lives on space stations. Anyone left on the planet would be those who are too poor to have left or in gangs fighting turf wars. Governments are no longer in control, leaving it up to a few major corporations to run the world. “The A-Men” tells a story from the point of view of these five characters. D’Alessandro is a scientist that spends his time developing a secret virtual world project known as the X-Isle project who is unaware that most of civilization has left Earth. Sister Midnight is a soldier that was sent to keep order on Earth and was soon abandoned by her own leaders. Pure, is a hairdresser and is a bit of a drama queen. 23rdxenturyboy is half human and half animal and has escaped the experimentation lab.

Nowhereman, also known as Jack, has no memory of his life, but is in possession of a book of folk stories. All five characters come together on Earth, using the book as their guide and team up as they fight to stay alive during the final days of the destruction of the world.

I found “The A-Men” to be darker than most sci-fi books that I have read in the past. The neo-punk edge gave it a bite that I thought made it unique. At first I had to grasp the concept that each character was telling their story in first person every couple of chapters. So, I was a little slow with understanding what was going on. The dialogue was crude and tough. Truly nothing was held back, but once I was able to assimilate all of this, I was drawn in to the story line, which became captivating.  

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