If Not Now When? An Introduction to Bravo Motivation

Atul Uchil
Outskirts Press (2014)
ISBN 9781478734659
Reviewed by Robert Watson for Reader Views (12/14)

“If Not Now When? An Introduction to Bravo Motivation” by Atul Uchil is a personal and inspirational book based on the author’s own experience that will motivate the reader to consider and redefine what the term “American dream” really means to them. The book begins with an incentive to make lists about our dreams, things stopping us from pursuing them, and what skills we think we have accumulated within our line of work. Now, up to here it sounds like many other self-help and motivational books out there, but it isn’t. Uchil then continues by opening his life to the reader and sharing each important event in is life, his erroneous way of seeing life, failure of his marriage, and moments of enlightenment.  While doing so he matches life lessons learned within his life, creating a personal and intimate view which will make the reader want to go deep into their own lives and apply the lessons shared. This is where I found his book to be unique and interesting.

I also think that Uchil’s choice of presenting his message in a short simple format pays off, as most people who truly need his book will probably not take the time to read big, preachy books on how their lifestyle should change. The fonts are big and clear, the pages are short, and the message is loud and profound.  The step by step guide presented is the BRAVO method.

Overall, “If Not Now When? An Introduction to Bravo Motivation” by Atul Uchil is a short and to the point self-help guide to find balance and peace of mind with a unique and personal voice. I recommended to all readers in search for a guide to live the life they want now instead of merely existing.

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