Remember Thou Art Mortal: The Chronicles of a Mending Heart

Atul Uchil, PhD
Outskirts Press (2013)
ISBN: 9781478715887
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (01/14)


“Remember Thou Art Mortal: The Chronicles of a Mending Heart” by Atul Uchil, PhD is a short little book that takes readers by the hand into a full blown heart attack experience. It is not a medical fact type of book, but rather a personal, insightful and holistic experience. The book begins with the initial event which is not the heart attack; the initial event is what most people might feel and disregard before the actual heart attack happens. After the initial event, the readers will find themselves submerged in Uchil’s mind as he becomes a reluctant patient while going through the life changing steps of recovering. But that is not all, readers will also witness how a heart attack is life changing for the patient’s loved ones as well.

Even though at the beginning the disclaimers got a little too repetitive for me, I really liked Uchil’s writing style. The entire narration in the book flows like a conversation with the reader. I felt the frustration, the fear, and finally the acceptance of what Uchil experienced. I did relate with him as I have had a heart catheterization many years ago. Uchil’s conversation with the reader is real as it presents the patient’s point of view as things are happening; and within this aspect, it also gives firsthand information, although it should not be used as a medical fact reference or guidance source. I also enjoyed Uchil’s voice as he recounted his annoyance and stubbornness when it came to following the nurses and Doctors directions. One of my favorite parts was how it also presented the awakening that a horrible event can trigger on a person’s heart and mind, inducing a growth within, which is evident in Uchil’s personality throughout this journey.

“Remember Thou Art Mortal: The Chronicles of a Mending Heart” by Atul Uchil, PhD is an insightful little book that should be read by everyone who sees themselves as invincible and do not ever stop to take life in. I am glad I read it and will recommend everyone to do so.


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