The Full Moon Slayer

Michel Vamrell
AuthorHouse (2012)
ISBN 9781477267783

Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (2/13)

Article first published as Book Review: The Full Moon Slayer by Michel Vamrell on Blogcritics.

In “The Full Moon Slayer” by Michel Vamrell, Alice loses her whole family and her dog when they are killed by a huge beast. This happens after she moves her husband and daughter to a small town on the skirts of Indianapolis to be an Art Professor at the local Community College. She was not aware that for the past 18 years, someone dies at every full moon in her neighborhood. The police claims that these deaths began when 18 wolves escaped from a research facility in the area. When Alice’s parents were first killed, a local News reporter, Nicole Richards told Alice that she did not believe that the slayings were done by wolves.

Although I found the story interesting, Vamrell’s writing style made this read unappealing to me. The level of detail when narrating the actions and movements of the characters was such that it was excruciating to follow. In my mind I imagine the author’s intention was to create suspense, but in reality as a reader I felt teased instead; in short, although interesting story, it was not an easy and enjoyable read for me.

I find it very hard to rate this book as “The Full Moon Slayer” by Michelle Vamrell could had been written better so that its interesting plot moved faster instead of getting lost with insignificant details.  I give it 3 Stars. 

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