Dancing With Duality: Confessions of a Free Spirit

Stella Vance
CreateSpace (2011)
ISBN 9781466326651

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/11)

Beginning with her parent’s divorce in the 1970s, Stella Vance shares a life journey that takes us with her through to the new millennium. Not holding anything back, Stella shares it all. Beginning in the United States, Stella fearlessly takes off on adventures that take her all over the world. Her incredible jaunts introduce her to some interesting characters. While some of her experiences were quite painful, she still manages to reflect upon the lessons learned from them. She also establishes some lifelong relationships with people who come in and out of her life at different times.

Stella begins her journey as a very conservative Christian.  As time goes by and she starts to question what she has been taught, she begins exploring other belief systems that also include metaphysics, alternative healing modalities and reincarnation.  By expanding her mind into these new areas, she gains greater insight that allows her to look deeper into herself and learn greater lessons.  By sharing these lessons with her readers, we are able to learn from her experiences. I really appreciate having this opportunity to do so, because while I have had some great adventures, they are nowhere near as exciting as hers.  Personally, while I admire her, I would rather experience what she did vicariously by reading “Dancing with Duality,” than by living it myself!

I learned many important lessons while reading this book. I was given a great deal of thought-pondering material to journal.  The author does not blame others for her choices even when they betray her. She focuses on the lessons that she learns and moves on.  Making the choice to live this way has kept her from becoming stuck in anger and regret. I also appreciate that she takes responsibility for the actions that she has regretted.  She cannot be accused of hypocrisy, and I personally feel like her lessons are that much more valuable.

I highly recommend “Dancing with Duality” for individuals who are looking to further their personal growth and for reader’s groups who will find a great deal of controversial subjects to discuss.


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