Painted Wings and Giants’ Rings

Wilfried F. Voss
Copperhill Media (2012)
ISBN 9781938581069

Reviewed by Daryn Watson for Reader Views (1/13)

Wilfried F. Voss’ novel, “Painted Wings and Giants’ Rings,” is a story of two young children, Patrick and Siobhan Wilkinson, and their attempts to save their comatose father, Roger. The story begins with the children’s mother, Joanne, struggling to maintain a delicate balance of protecting the children from the potential grim prognosis of her husband’s condition. To complicate matters, Joanne’s mother, Margaret, reluctantly agrees to watch the children while Joanne maintains a vigil with her husband at the hospital.

The children engage in a fantasy adventure to take their father to Never-Neverland in an attempt to save him. Using their little red wagon, named The Sky Flyer, they embark on an adventure to the land of Llangollen. Patrick and Siobhan are nicknamed Cap’n Scribbles and Lady Quack for their rescue mission. Along the way the siblings encounter several unique places and characters as they travel towards their final destination.

Meanwhile, their father, Roger Wilkinson, is put on trial while in his coma to face the truth of his shortcomings as a parent.  He is confronted with his constant focus on his work, his worries about money, and most of all, his impatience and short-temperedness directed at his children. They only want to enjoy life and love their father, but Roger is too shortsighted and busy to see this. Even after his verbal explosions towards his kids, they simply tell him “I love you Daddy.”

During the trial, Roger realizes he has indeed become eerily similar to his violent, alcoholic father. Despite his choice to abstain from drinking alcohol, Roger has fallen short of his vow not to behave like his own father. This realization creates a great deal of internal conflict and strife. He struggles with the concept of how his children still love and forgive him despite his verbal violent outbursts towards them.

“Painted Wings and Giants’ Rings” by Wilfried F. Voss is a good flowing novel which details the struggles of Patrick and Siobhan as well as their father, Roger. There is a lot of singing and lyrics throughout the book that the children use to keep their spirits up. The author is very detailed when describing the scenery which gives the readers a deeper sense of what the surroundings are like for the characters within the book.

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