The Bitchographies: Random Commentaries About Life, Love and Knock-off Christian Louboutins

Vivienne Vuitton
Inkwater Press (2012)
ISBN 9781592997220
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (6/12)

“The Bitchographies” was written by an author, Vivienne Vuitton, who has a few things to get off her chest and in doing so, she holds nothing back. Dividing the book into sections, she dedicates her commentaries on life to issues regarding relationships, the corporate world, people and random things that just annoy her. As she writes about each area, she labels some irritating character types with names like, “the hobbit,” “the melted Barbie,” “the troll,” “psycho crazy bitch boss,” and “the mean bitch.” I believe that most of us have encountered people like these in our life. As a result of this, I found myself relating to what she was talking about. Sometimes I laughed and sometimes I cringed because I remembered when I got sucked into some traps by some of these characters that I encountered in my own life. For me, the worst one was the “mean bitch,” especially since she was sleeping with the ineffectual, weak boss so that she could make our lives hell.

Yes, I can really relate to “The Bitchographies.” Like I believe the author has, I too have reached a point in my life where I don’t care to waste minutes that I will never get back on people who have an agenda, and are not worth my time. To put a positive spin on this, I have learned to manage my time in a more positive way with people I hold in high regard. Finally, I have arrived! As I enjoyed reading these pages, I felt that writing this book had to be extremely healing for the author. She is definitely in no danger of developing an ulcer or high blood pressure because she internalizes too much.

I highly recommend reading “The Bitchographies” by Vivienne Vuitton. There are a lot of lessons taught between these pages. For those of us who can look back and relate, we will feel empowered knowing that we survived dealing with our own annoying characters in our personal stories. For the young ladies who are just getting started, I recommend that they read this book immediately so that they can learn not to be set up or trapped by these people. Perhaps they will also recognize if they are starting to behave like one of the annoying ones and put a stop to it, thereby improving their futures.

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