Mosquito County

Lucinda Waldron
Outskirts Press (2014)
ISBN 9781478737643
Reviewed By Susan Violante for Reader Views (02/15)


When I began reading “Mosquito County” by Lucinda Waldron I had some trouble identifying the era in which the novel was set. I think that although I read in the author’s note that it was set in the 1800’s, in the beginning narrative there was nothing that identified it as such. Furthermore, when the dialogue started it actually felt like the way we speak nowadays, which I found a little confusing. However, the story was very intriguing and made get over my confusion quickly. The story begins when Emma is sent to Florida under mysterious circumstances, after her mother’s death. Her Grandfather, Russell Duvane, was a rancher in Mosquito County, which we now know as Orange County. Once there, Emma embraces the beauty and peacefulness of her new surroundings, as she was not very fond of her Boston social circle and dances. On the contrary, her personality made her a perfect fit for the wilderness of the countryside and the rawness of ranch life. She didn’t know then, that she would find passion and danger hiding within Mosquito County and its Seminole myths.

Although I did find a couple of typos and had some confusion in the beginning, I found Waldron’s writing style very simple and easy to read. The fast paced flow of the plot, and the reader friendly formatting kept me turning pages until the end in one sitting. Her descriptions of the beautiful landscape took me back to Florida, where I once lived for 10 years. Waldron also did a great job developing the main characters as I related to Emma and fell in love with Kip right alongside her.

In my opinion “Mosquito County” by Lucinda Waldron is great first novel which will find many fans for the author. I am eager to see Waldron grow into the craft and will follow her, waiting for her next book for sure!

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