Edgy Conversations

Dan Waldschmidt
Next Century Publishing (2014)
ISBN 9780989533102
Reviewed by Ben Green for Reader Views (03/15)

“Edgy Conversations” by “Dan Waldschmidt” is a motivational book about getting off your butt and doing something with your life. It is filled with inspirational stories about people achieving more than average results even though they started from a seemly weaker beginning. The book is a quick read and can be finished in one sitting.  The glossy pages and art work are awesome, the cover is impressive, and the production value feels high quality. There are plenty of self-help books on the market that you could read but “Edgy Conversations” sets itself apart from the start. In the introduction Waldschmidt states “You don't need another self-help book.” In fact “Edgy Conversations” is more of a motivational book, filled with inspiration instead of just to-do lists and guidelines.  The first few pages of “Edgy Conversations” are on the subject of not making excuses. These pages alone are worth the cost of the book.

“Edgy Conversations” is the kind of book you wish someone would have made you read in high school. Given the trendy art work that accompanies almost every page and the way the book is outlined more like a blog than a book, I feel high school may be the best target audience.

In the end, “Edgy Conversations” achieves the author’s intention of providing you with inspiration and motivation in an engaging format. I found much of the advice to be common sense, stuff your grandmother probably told you, but you just weren't listening. The book is short, sweet, and to the point. “Edgy Conversations” by Dan Waldschmidt feels cool and fun and is an easy read.  Overall I would recommend this book for those in high school and even college.  It would make a great gift.

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