Reckoning: The Many Deaths of Dynamistress

Vincent M. Wales
DGC Press (2013)
ISBN: 9780974133751
Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views (2/14)


“Reckoning: The Many Deaths of Dynamistress” by Vincent M. Wales was pure awesomeness! Dinah is one of those young girls obsessed with being a Meta! Meta’s are the super-humans with special powers or abilities, otherwise referred to as one with a genetic mutation. The story is in her words and I like that effect.  First person storytelling and it was really great - another awesome science fiction book that I can highly recommend to my friends.

Dinah is a very-well developed character. Flawed and lovable, the outcast, the damned one that mother refuses to accept. The lesbian, the scientist, the lover of all things Meta, the jealous sister, the all-out freaking awesome woman character! I really dig her and her honesty and all of her flaws are just well…flaws.

Dinah wants to be a Meta and she isn’t. Her much loved brother is and she can’t stand it and her life has become a full fledged mission to find a way to become a Meta.  Meta’s are in the public eye, loved and hated equally, depending on who you ask. Some are good and some are bad but they are all known. Dinah has always wanted to be in the Supers magazine and recognized for her Meta abilities, and she wasn’t going to have it any other way. Dinah comes from a dysfunctional home that sends her off into the world where her insecurities are played out in front of everyone, she just never noticed until a lover calls her out on them. This is Dinah’s story.

The writing style is great, everything just flowed well. I learned who Dinah was, I felt her pain and I felt her fear. The sci-fi aspects of the book of course are out of this world. Dinah succeeds in becoming a “home-made” Meta and things really take off with the ups and downs of the Meta life and the trials and tribulations of being a human with problems.

“Reckoning” by Vincent M. Wales was just awesome. I cannot wait for book two!!


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