The Painful Truth

Lynn R. Webster, M.D.
Webster Media LLC (2015)
ISBN 9780986140709
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (08/15)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘The Painful Truth’ by Lynn R. Webster, M.D. on Blogcritics.

As a patient for rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, among other chronic conditions, I was eager to begin reading “The Painful Truth” by Lynn R. Webster, M.D., as I just was referred to a pain clinic by my Rheumatologist. The book begins by defining what pain is and how it affects its sufferers, as well as sharing a little bit about the author’s background and experience treating pain. The format of the book includes specific patient stories to help the reader understand the message the author is trying to communicate.  The first part of the book focuses on the hope for healing that patients and their doctors have as they embark on treatments to alleviate a condition which not only has no cure, but will affect them in multiple ways, changing their lives forever. It is in this part of the book where the author presents an aspect of pain that is very seldom discussed with the patient, but which is one of the biggest issues they go through. This taboo issue is shame. The second part of the book explores the community side, and how they view pain, as well as how opioids affect the patient and the available treatments.

Webster does an amazing job taking the reader through the backstage of pain, suffering and treatment by presenting firsthand accounts of some of his former patients. His writing style has no sugar coating. By being candid and presenting the truth, the reader will be hooked to the pages, surprised by how little they may truly know.  As I a patient, I was happy not only to get the doctor’s point of view, but also to see what others go through. Having their insights has helped me to view my own pain with better knowledge, which in turn allowed me to be more forgiving of myself when it comes to accepting the fact that I need medication and have new physical limitations.

I am definitely grateful Lynn R. Webster, M.D. wrote “The Painful Truth,” and recommend it as a must read 5-star health book, to be read by everyone, as we will all be affected by pain at some point; but also as a guide for patients, doctors, health industry professionals and legislators.

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