The Trees: A Novel

Stan Weisleder
Chaucer Press Books 2011
ISBN 9781884092138
Reviewed by Janet Reeves for Reader Views (7/13)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘The Trees: A Novel’ by Stan Weisleder on Blogcritics. 

When reading “The Trees: A Novel” by Stan Weisleder, I wanted to know how much was fact and how much was fiction. Good thing that Stan Weisleder shares some insight on the characters at the end. Here’s the best part of the book “To be continued!” I am waiting……the sequel is sure to be a good one!

I became engaged right away in the characters. I found the language shocking in a few places, but that is exactly what I would expect from the lifestyle of these guys. I am not a prude nor was I offended, just not expecting it! I am not judging…I am just saying!

I worked in one of the casinos in Atlantic City in the late 80s and I know what it means to be connected. I was not connected, just sitting behind the scenes in casino marketing. This made this read even more fascinating. I really enjoy the mafia stories.

The scenery was set in New York when the Mo, Mongoose, Scumbag, Potcheese, Ringo and Eunice were growing up in the late 40s after the war and continued about forty years into their adult lives. The scenes were vivid and it was easy to like these guys even though they were in the mafia hustling others for their living. The characters were likeable and loyal.

The characters in “The Trees: A Novel” were like a family! It was like watching a movie series of the “Godfather” (Umm, I enjoy the books better than the TV). The camaraderie was there and it was interesting to watch how each character would take a stand for their morals, and the choices they each made for their careers.

The loyalty they attempted to have with one another was strong, yet somewhat unattainable at the same time; especially with Scumbag and Mo as their choices of careers ended their relationship as they once knew it for the years to come. Can they forget and move on? How is that going to be possible for a group of poor street kids that has grown up into successful business men and women doing business with the mafia in one way or another? Scumbag took a fall for his company to protect the organization. Will Mo pay a price? Did I tell you that I was sad when Boom Boom died? He and Sally really loved one another; his death was a loss I could feel.

“The Trees: A Novel” by Stan Weisleder was very intriguing. Guess we have to wait to see what happened next……I am waiting! 

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