Feathered: being a fairy tale (an Alex and Jackie Adventure)

Tom Weston
Tom Weston Media (2012)
ISBN 9780985036102

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (1/13)

Article first published as Book Review: Feathered: Being a Fairy Tale (an Alex and Jackie Adventure) by Tom Weston on Blogcritics.

Before I even began reading the story, I knew that I was in for a treat because “Feathered,” is beautifully designed with Celtic style decorations interspersed throughout the chapters along with meaningful quotes. Visually appealing, I knew that I was about to read something very special and I was not disappointed!

When two sisters Alex and Jackie, travel to Ireland to visit with family, they find themselves on a grand adventure.  Immediately upon arriving, Jackie hears music that no one else can. Once she kisses the Blarney Stone, Jackie’s presence is acknowledged by the fey.  When Jackie complains about her sister Alex keeping her from a full night of rest to a faery queen, the queen tries to help her by casting a spell that sends Alex back into the 11th century during the night time hours. Once Jackie realizes what is happening she tries to stop it, but certain conditions have to be met for her to do so. Meanwhile, Alex is mistaken for a princess who is soon to wed a Viking warrior.  While this sounds exciting, it is not exactly how Alex plans to spend her future.

As the sisters deal with magic several surprises come to them as a result of it, and they also find themselves trying to correct errors that were made in the past. This is definitely a learning experience for both of them especially because they know that their help is direly needed.  As Alex’s nocturnal travels continue, she beings to change. The end result will be terrifying if the girls don’t succeed with their mission to right some wrongs.

“Feathered” is a wonderful time travel faery tale that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.  I believe that teens who normally don’t enjoy reading will find themselves drawn into this story. The ones who are voracious readers might read it in one sitting. I totally enjoyed this adventure and appreciated the author creative addition of the time travel elements and the humorous situations that would arise as a result. I highly recommend “Feathered” and would like to read other books in the “Alex and Jackie Adventure” series.

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