Wall of Silence

Dorey Whittaker
Light Messages Publishing (2013)
ISBN 9781611530919
Reviewed by Sheri Bebee for Reader Views (3/14)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Wall of Silence’ by Dorey Whittaker on Blogcritics.

“Wall of Silence” by Dorey Whittaker is an incredibly moving story about two girls growing up in an abusive household and the different paths taken by each girl in order to survive.  Lisa, the oldest daughter, chose the path of self-destruction, in and out of trouble with drugs and the law her entire life.  Susan, the youngest daughter turns inward for protection, always the good girl, trying whatever it takes to win her mother’s love.  The girls were taught at a very early age to keep silent, a lesson they carried with them their entire lives – always cautious, never trusting. A murder trial proves to expose the sister’s deepest secrets.  Will they have the strength to endure the devastation that ensues with the exposure of the past?

I don’t want to give away any more of the story than what was in the synopsis.  I will say that “Wall of Silence” has got to be the one of the very best novels I have ever read about the horrific topic of abuse.  Ms. Whittaker has an absolute gift for writing and I was mesmerized from the very start.  I have read many books whose stories linger in my mind, but I have a feeling I will be haunted by “Wall of Silence” for quite some time.

As I said above, Ms. Whittaker truly has a gift.  The characters were so fully developed that I found I had given each character their own voice and was reading it to myself in that manner. I had very strong feelings about each character – I loved them or I hated them, I felt sorry for them or I pitied them.  I cried and wanted to lash out at times at the sheer evil inside some of the characters.  Ms. Whittaker is painstakingly vivid, and at times I felt I could not stomach or fathom the cruelty described on some of the pages.  I like that the story doesn’t get preachy, but does insert the message of trusting and having faith in God.  I was screaming out for justice as the story proceeded, and a well crafted surprise towards the end kept me hooked right up to the powerful finish.

I highly recommend “Wall of Silence” by Dorey Whittaker and look forward to reading the sequel.  5 stars!

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