Across Eternity

Aris Whittier
CreateSpace (2011)
ISBN 9781463655273
Reviewed by Karma Rose for Reader Views (9/13)

Written as a romance novel, the storyline for “Across Eternity” by Aris Whittier is inventive and touching.  True to the more classical interpretation of romantic ideas as well as ideals, this heartfelt novel follows two souls who find each other time and time again.  The focus of the story is on a single life and working through its hardships of loss, a well-played portrayal that was beautifully executed in exact scenes, particularly in the finish, where I believe the best of the book was saved for.  Although the pacing felt somewhat like a game of red light/green light, and although I don’t commonly read romance novels, I still found this book completely captivating at times.

For anyone seeking a good love story, I highly recommend “Across Eternity.”  For those who are more particular on grammar, it’s still worth the read, although it may disrupt the flow of storytelling.  It’s apparent the areas where the author was passionate in her writing, as well, when she has the right amount of commas just a word or two off.  The occasional error in spelling can be a momentary confusion; however, the otherwise straightforward writing style makes it easier to continue with anything more than that.

Overall, “Across Eternity” by Aris Whittier had its strong points; however, the author has room for improvement in her pacing and, to some degree, her style.  Altogether, I am interested to see Aris Whittier’s creativity continue as her career as an author evolves.

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