God's Indemnity

Dr. Cheryl Williams
Outskirts Press (2015)
ISBN 9781478746706
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (12/15)

In “God’s Indemnity,” author Dr. Cheryl Williams asks her readers to stop and take a look at where they are in their spiritual lives. Are they “playing at church,” with quick prayers during the day while they work harder to maintain a status quo in society, or are they truly living a faith based life where they will be promised indemnity when the dark days come? She discusses SCALPED, in which each of the letters represents one of the seven deadly sins. In today’s world of materialism, it is easier to let oneself get caught up in these sins. When she brings up the dark days that are coming, she mentions seven plagues that will be released upon mankind. Those who repent and ask for forgiveness will be saved.

Dr. Williams believes that people need to be saved now so that when the Lord returns, they will be prepared. Living a sinful life in which one “worships the beast,” will lead to the pain and darkness. She is convinced that the year 2017 is significant for His return, therefore, it is critical to find salvation now. The way many people live now goes against how the Lord directs us to live. Too many people become lost in materialism, greed, and lust. Their lives are directed by something other than the Lord and they do not have a desire to be saved. These people are the ones that we see in the news, who have committed horrible acts against humanity. The darkness of these acts fulfills prophecies about when the Lord will return. Living in these dark days has the author convinced this time is coming upon us soon.

The author backs up her claims by pointing out events that are happening today and using quotes from the bible. She also discusses her own personal experiences, including a special dream that she had which convinced her to write this book. Sharing her spiritual journey helps give the reader a better idea of the background behind her specific religious beliefs. She has written “God’s Indemnity” in the hopes that it will lead her readers to be saved and protected in the coming days.

Many readers, especially those from biblical based Christian religions, will find the arguments of Dr. Cheryl Williams to be compelling. These people, including the ones who have strayed from their religious practice, will gain the most benefit from reading “God’s Indemnity.” 

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