Majoring In Motherhood

Barbra Roylance Williams
CreateSpace (2011)
ISBN 9781468148985
Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views (6/13)


I was looking for a read about being a parent but wasn’t looking for a read of self-help so to speak. When I picked this book, I wasn’t sure what it was really about but I knew it was a diary type written story about a young girl who became a single mother. I was instantly interested in reading “Majoring in Motherhood”.

As most people know, it is extremely hard to be a single mother. Barbra is a young girl who loved to ride her horse, CJ. I gathered that this was an honestly written book by someone who was growing into herself. It actually reminded me of things I had gone through as a teenager. The only difference is I didn’t get pregnant as a teen. I was 28 when I became pregnant with my son and it was not a planned pregnancy. It landed me right into the world of single mothers. I know firsthand what it’s like to have a boyfriend that you can’t seem to let go of no matter how bad the situation, and no matter how terrible he was to me. I can totally relate to this story.

I can also relate to the mother who learns no matter how bad she can allow someone to treat her; she becomes a protective lioness over her cub. Being controlled by someone who had no intentions of doing the right thing is very scary. The wonderful thing about Barbra’s story is that she has 2 parents that love her and stuck by to help her even when she didn’t make the best choices. It takes a lot to grow up and be forced into adulthood when you are so immature. I bet she didn’t know what she was really capable of until she held that little guy in her arms, and sometimes that’s all it takes. One bad choice brings the most wonderful blessing that no one would ever expect.

The love Barbra found and has today did not come easy but with the right amount of faith and doing the next right thing, she got what her heart desired. Once you find that special someone you have to know that it’s real and that it’s going to be forever. I hope that her next book is filled with love that she experiences within her family, but also shares the ways she finds to get through trying times in life. We all know there will be a struggle. Having faith and receiving support from loved ones makes it all worthwhile, just like seeing those sweet faces of the children we created. We know that God has a bigger and better plan.

Thanks for being so honest. This book should be put in the hands of young girls struggling with abusive boyfriends so they know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Not all stories have a happy ending but it’s going to be what you put into your life that will bring the best outcome for you.

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