Let’s Scare Mom

Rob Wood
CreateSpace (2014)
ISBN: 9781496129079
Reviewed by Taylor Whalen for Reader Views (03/15)

Rob Wood’s book “Let’s Scare Mom” has the ability to touch every person that reads it; the book is versatile and it has something with which everyone can connect. The story begins with the return of the Wood brothers from WWII. All four had survived some of the battles spread out all over the world. Once back home they made use of Robert’s flight experience and started offering flight shows and airplane rides during the weekend.  One day the new school teacher decided to watch the show, without knowing that she and would marry one of the Wood brothers and remain his wife for over sixty years. From that union is how the author came into this world. As a child born in the 1950’s, the age of change and the beginning of an era that would serve of the seeds of what America looks like now, we follow this character’s development and struggles – things that we can all relate to no matter which decade we were born or in which country we live0. What makes this book so intriguing is how strong the narrator’s voice is – his personality exudes through the pages and pushes the narrative along.

While the book can seem slow at times, overall this book covers so much ground throughout the pages over the years. We become personally invested in the main character as he goes through adolescence and young adult years. The most enjoyable stories, however, are the ones that are somewhat meaningless, as they can be the most humorous and the most touching and connecting. Somehow Rob Wood is able to pull the reader in when even the smallest things are happening.

From snakes to Halloween, Rob Wood’s book “Let’s Scare Mom” touches every menial aspect of adolescence with candor, humor, and versatility. Whether you like coming of age stories or time pieces, this book will have something for everyone.