The Killer App

John Writher
Higive.com Ltd. (2014)
ISBN 9780992837310
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (12/14)

“The Killer App” by John Writher called my attention immediately.  The story begins when Robert Hand, the Prime Minister, and Bill Haugan, an unethical American businessman meet at the World Economic Forum with Janet Icks, who is a dedicated workaholic scientist developing a revolutionary genetic concept in the Alps . They spend the day skiing and talking about the current Socio-Economic crisis due to over population. Committed to solve the overwhelming overpopulation crisis that currently plagues his nation, the Prime Minister agrees to partner up with Bill Haugan on his Killer App idea, which he conceived based on Janet Icks’ work. Soon, they recruit Janet to apply her concept to the idea. But who will volunteer to be killed in order to be born again?

Believe it or not, they find someone through their selection process. Everything is in place and on schedule, until the project’s controlled environment proves to the three of them that they overlooked the unpredictable human factor in their plans. I will not give the story away. I will just say that it will keep reader clued to pages! Although, the beginning moves slower, the topic is so interesting that I found myself turning page after page. When the story unravels, there was no putting the book down.

John Writher’s writing style was spot on. The plot was filled with twists and turns, the characters were well developed and the pace always moved the story forward. He even made this political sci-fi thriller so easy to read that I was able to read without getting out of the story due to unfamiliar technological vocab which sometimes can be challenging on this type of fiction. The technological aspects of the story had just the right description to make it believable, without daunting the reader with unfamiliar words. Because of this, I encourage all types of thrillers fans to check this book out, and not just the sci-fi crowd.

“The Killer App” by John Writher is a page-turner thriller that will linger in readers’ minds, as they ask themselves if they would be willing to die to get a second chance and be born again. To choose to live in two installments, interesting concept in an awesome thriller!

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