fleeting chance

Sherban Young
MysteryCaper Press (2014)
ISBN 9780991232468
Reviewed by Michel Violante for Reader Views (12/14)

“Fleeting Chance” by Sherban Young has three of my favorite things: poker, murder mystery and the sea, so it is no surprise that I jumped on this book. The mystery begins when Detective Enescu Fleet and Johnny Hathaway join forces to investigate a murder that occurred on a private yacht called The Stacked Deck owned by Mineral Tenacity Corporation during an onboard poker game. 

The victim, Leslie MacDonald, was one of the players. On board there were 10 players including the victim, as well as Fleet and Hathaway), 3 members of the crew and the poker dealer. As they discovered the body of Leslie MacDonald, a few explosions went off, sinking the boat with one of the players. Everyone else was able to escape to what seemed to be an island.

Although many (myself included) will think by reading the back cover that this is another murder mystery on the sea, I must say that the plot was surprisingly very unique. Any ideas I had when I began to read went out the window immediately as the plot unraveled. I was hooked and could not put the book down. The pace of the story was perfect as Young did a great job balancing suspense, action, and even humor throughout the story. His writing style very simple, making this an easy, and fast read, yet his writing skills made the story very entertaining and captivating, a page turner for sure. The character development was spot on; my favorite was Fleet and Johnny’s expert/amateur relationship while working to solve the mystery. I came to “Fleeting Chance” without reading any of the previous books in the series, and found it to be a standalone book, even though it is the 4th Enescu Fleet story.  I am certainly going to look into the other books!

“Fleeting Chance” by Sherban Young is a light and easy to read murder mystery and adventure. Its plot will hook the reader into a page turning mystery while the unique and well developed characters captivate and entertain as they go from one murder to another. It is a five star must read for all mystery fans.

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