Pannino is Dead

Marc Zirogiannis
Lulu.com (2015)
ISBN 9781312804586
Reviewed by Michel Violante for Reader Views (05/15)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Pannino is Dead’ by Marc Zirogiannis on Blogcritics.

“Pannino is Dead” by Marc Zirogiannis begins one morning with John Sebastian who, while following his regular morning routine, listens to the local news and finds out that an unidentified body of a Rikers Island correctional officer was found. By the end of the day Sebastian hears in the news that the body was identified as Robert Pannino. John had met Pannino while serving a weekend sentence in jail five years ago, where Pannino worked as a correctional officer.   Later on Sebastian gets a mysterious phone call from the murderer letting him know he killed Pannino for him.

Zirogiannis presents an interesting first crime story in a short novella format. There is no doubt that it is a great start for this author as he displayed his writing skills in character development and plot. However, I wished he would have included more action. I am not used to short stories, so I hope Zirogiannis’ next work will be a novel size display of his great writing abilities.  I liked the plot and found it very interesting and unique, so much so that I wished for more. To me it just felt too short.  Other than that, Zirogiannis’ writing style was spot on as it hooked me from the very beginning.

“Pannino is Dead” by Marc Zirogiannis is an interesting but short and easy read that will be enjoyable to fans of short stories, crime stories lovers with little time for big novels, and anyone looking for a quickie book to get a reading fix when on the road or on a bus or train. I do recommend it as an entertaining short book and believe Zirogiannis is definitely an author to watch. I look forward to seeing full length crime novels from him in the future.

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