D’Mok Revival: Awakening

Michael Zummo
Mira Digital Publishing (2013)
ISBN: 9780989004404 
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (7/13)

“D’Mok Revival: Awakening” is book one of the “Invasion Trilogy”.  The series begins with the reappearance of the aggressive Nukari who, over a thousand years ago, almost obliterated the D’mar, who were peaceful space explorers.  Osuto, who is a D’mok, is the remaining D’mar.  A D’mok was a D’mar warrior with supernatural talents.  Upon their return, the Nukari’s destroy a space station leaving only one survivor, Rhysus Mencari. Devastated by the loss of his family, Mencari finds purpose when he discovers that he has gained powers like the D’mok.  Mencari begins intensive training under Osuto so that he can help in the fight against the Nukari.

While in training, Mencari is sent on missions to other planets to help in the cause. He discovers that there are other worlds with people whom he never knew existed. He meets some people who are also gifted and willing to join his team. He finds evidence that the Nukari have already been present in many of these places, and it is obvious that they are planning another violent assault.  Osuto, Mencari and their newfound team must act quickly to stop them.

“Awakening” took me on a great adventure and introduced me to new worlds and unique characters. Each mission that Mencari was sent on was described in vivid detail which really brought it to life.  The engaging characters and their interactions with each other created some very entertaining scenes. I totally enjoyed being able to escape from my mundane world and journey to other places from the seat of my comfortable chair. I look forward to following the rest of the trilogy and know that other fans of science fiction will feel the same.

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